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Are you looking for a place to buy affordable charcoal briquettes in Kenya? You have come to the right place. Alternative Waste Technologies employs modern briquette technology to come up with eco-friendly and long-lasting, low-cost charcoal briquettes. Our briquettes are the preferred alternative to firewood and charcoal by most households, learning institutions, hotel, restaurants and industries in Kenya. Their affordability and efficiency make them a go-to energy solution by environmentally conscious individuals and institutions.
Households which predominantly used firewood and charcoal are embracing charcoal briquettes mostly because they are convenient to use and cheap. As a result, fuel briquettes are becoming a popular alternative energy solution in Kenya.


four types of briquettes that we produce


Carbonized charcoal briquettes and pellets

They are designed to meet the needs of the domestic consumer i.e. domestic households, hotels and restaurants in cooking and heating.

Non- carbonized charcoal briquettes

These briquettes emit smoke hence are most suitable for manufacturing industries, and educational institutions and hospitals, which have big cooking stoves and chimneys.
They can also be used for a bonfire in camps and lodges.

Frankincense charcoal briquettes

They are mainly used during the cold seasons for warming rooms. There are carbonized and non- carbonized types

Shisha Charcoal briquettes

Used for smoking sessions of tobacco in homes, restaurants and other places of entertainment.