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Kenya’s No. 1 Alternative Energy Producer


Alternative Waste Technologies is a mission-driven social enterprise, whose aim is to create meaningful employment opportunities to at-risk youths such as school dropouts, ex-juveniles to avoid crime, unlock their potential, develop their skills—and create successful futures for themselves and their families. While we know that creating jobs is essential, we are convinced that providing work alone is not enough to support at-risk youths in moving out of poverty.

AWT’s young employees need a path to develop them, a means to build skills and capabilities for the long run. AWT offers an intensive work-study program that allows youth to grow as they learn basic skills, develop technical capabilities and eventually earn degrees that enable them to secure professional jobs when they graduate from our program. AWT creates employment opportunities by producing fuel briquettes through a combination of briquetting technology, entrepreneurship and impact sourcing business model.

Our Production Facility is located in Kajiado County, Kenya, while the Administrative office is in Nairobi.



Our mission is to provide clean biomass briquettes to mitigate against climate change and deforestation while creating employment opportunities for out –of –school youths in urban slums so that they cam=n unlock their potential, develop their skills and create successful futures for themselves and their families.



To be the preferred supplier of affordable and quality charcoal briquettes in Sub- Saharan Africa




  • Tony Elumelu Foundation WINNER 2016
  • NextGen Franchising Competition FINALIST 2018
  • Miller Centre GSBI Alumni - Last Mile Distribution Program
  • Alumni 2016 – Cohort 6